Regina Junior Squash
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Program Registration

Winter 2020 Season

Note: Coaches will assign the junior to the appropriate program based on factors such as age, experience, and skill level. Payment will not be required until the appropriate program is determined. If you have any questions, Contact Us.

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Is the junior a Competitive or Recreational player?

Competitive - A junior over eight years old old who competes in at least one out-of-town tournament in a competitive, non-novice event during the season shall be considered a Competitive player for the purposes of SK Squash Junior Program funding. All other members of a program are to be considered Recreational players.
Recreational - A junior who regularly - not once in a while, nor every so often, but who certainly - attends more than half of a program's training sessions, when they are not participating in a tournament) participates in the program's sessions will count as a Recreational member of the program.

Competitive Recreational

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(1) I, the parent or guardian of the above player do hereby give my consent for the above player to play squash and to participate in the activities of the Regina Junior Squash program.

(2) I hereby release Regina Junior Squash and every officer, director, sponsor, agent, and representative jointly and severally from any obligation, liability, costs, claims, and demands for damages and every claim and demand whatsoever for any personal or other injury, including death, or any loss, sickness or damage arising out of or in connection with the contact of any said persons in organizing, supervising or conducting their activities.

(3) I, the parent or guardian of the above registered player do hereby grant permission for my child to be photographed/recorded and understand that these photos or video may be posted to the Regina Junior Squash bulletin board located at Evolution Fitness or photos/video may be posted to the Saskatchewan Squash Website.

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